Career Highlights  

  • 2006 Completed 1st feature length documentary, titled Saudis in America

  • 2008 Directed live US Nationwide concerts tour for international artiest Outlandish

  • 2008 A Father Taken won Audience Choice Award at Newport Beach Film Festival, CA, USA.

  • 2010 Served as a 1st AD / Editor on the award winning feature film Three Veils.

  • 2010 Directed the award wining DHL / Manchester United Cup Tour Riyadh Video.

  • 2011 Where R U? won best Arab Short film at the Doha-Tribeca Film Festival.

  • 2011 A Night to Remember won 3rd Place Best Documentary at Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

  • 2012 Served as Local Producer for a VICE Production titled Saudi Arabian Women Unveiled

  • 2014 Directed and Produced content for the inauguration of King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah.

  • 2015 Competed in the MBC TV show Through Saudi Eyes (بعيون سعودية) hosted by Nasser Alqasabi.

  • 2015 Got promoted to Dad.

  • 2016 Directed the feature length Documentary, Journey of Discovery featuring Astronaut Prince Sultan bin Salman.

  • 2016 Creative Producer on a Ramadan Travel Show for Rotana Khalijiah titled Road Trip Europe 2.

  • 2016 Journey of Discovery won Best Documentary at The Riyadh Film Competition 

  • 2017 Directed and Produced Saudi Aramco's Official Saudi National Day Film.

  • 2017 God's Little Gift wins Best Short Film at the King Fahad Special Needs Festival, Riyadh. 

  • 2018 The Wedding Dress nominated for Best Short Film at the Arabian Cinema Awards, aka Arabic Oscars, in Cairo. 

  Work Experience  
Saudi Aramco

Job Title:  Production Director II

Date: January 2014 - current

Location:  Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


Producing and Directing content used for public relations and awareness campaigns. Content used for in-house events, TV and social media distribution.  

Al Hoty Group

Job Title:  Production Editor

Date:  February 2013 - January 2014

Location:  Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


Working as a contracted employee at Saudi Aramco’s Media Production Division, a full-fledged production house and home of two FM stations. Work includes editing, directing and producing in-house productions for Events, PR, safety, training and recruitment.

7th Dream Films

Job Title:  Senior Producer

Date: May 2012 - February 2013

Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Running day-to-day operations. Scheduling and budgeting for shoots. Overseeing multiple productions of films and documentaries for TV, social media and film festivals.

Al-Farouk Group

Job Title:  Head of Productions

Date:  April 2009 - April 2012

Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Running day-to-day operations. Overseeing multiple productions from concept to delivery.  Content include TV shows, films, online content, documentaries corporate videos and live events. Also directing award winning films that had a wide festival releases around the world.

MAS Media Foundation

Job Title:  Content Producer

Date: February 2008 - March 2009

Location:  Anhiem, CA


Coordinating and producing on-line content, PSAs, as well as, overseeing media and video coverage for nationwide convention and exhibitions. Conducting nationwide production workshops for youth.

Zahra Pictures

Job Title:  Director / Editor

Date:  July 2005 - February 2008

Location:  Anhiem, CA


Started as an intern then an assistant to producer Ahmad Zahra. Work includes assisting in film and documentary productions, distribution and content development. Soon after, got converted to a full time employee as a director and editor for company productions which include films, TV documentaries and featurettes. Assisting GM with content distribution and acquisition

Titan Communications

Job Title:  Audio & Video Technician

Date:  September 2004 – July 2005

Location:  Fullerton, California


Operating TV station equipments, cameras and lights. Working as a Director and/or Technical Director on in-studio shoots. Directing news segments and multi-camera shoot.

Al-Akhbar USA Newspaper

Job Title:  Assistant to Editor-in-chief

Date:  September 2003 – September 2004

Location:  Burbank (LA), California


Assistanting Editor-in-chief in designing and creating content for newspaper both print and online. As while as covering local Arab-American events and marketing the newspaper. 

PC Zone Computers

Job Title:  Computer Technician

Date:  March 1999 – June 2001

Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Work includes sells, costumer services and computers maintenance (hardware and software). Developing and Designing websites as requested.


Job Title:  Coordinator

Date:  Fall 1995 – June 2001

Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Starting working at Saudi Center for Management & Technical Development (SADMTC) after school as an office boy. Then transitioned into tele-marketing then going out and meeting clients and coordinating services with company for workshops and meeting with our in-house consultants. Later, became in charge of computer maintenance, IT and web designing and development, as well as, programing applications for operations.