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Yajuj: Curse of Iram (2020) Directed by Fahmi Farahat & Malik Alqallaf

An Immersive Online Play

The Logline
Passengers of a tour bus on their way to Saudi Arabia's newly discovered ancient city, Iram of the Pillars, are exposed to a mysterious virus that turns its victims into violent, flesh eating monsters. With your help online, they must fight, not only to survive, but to contain the spread of the infection and prevent a prophesied apocalypse.

Produced by Fahmi Farahat & Jomana Alquraish

Directed by Fahmi Farahat & Malek Al-Qalaf 

Written by Murad Alden 

Executive Producer Omar Ahmad

Techical Director Emad Al-Qarni

The Cast Hussain Abbas; Yara Qaroot; Faez Choudhry & Roqia Jassim (IMDb)


The Genre: Found Footage / Elevated Horror / Zombie


The Event

On Monday, 30th of November 2020, audiences worldwide followed the story of multiple characters in a live interactive film and immersive online play. Yajuj: The Curse of Iram is a unique experience as the story is told from multiple perspectives live on 7 instagram accounts. 

Yajuj: Curse of Iram 2020

Yajuj: Curse of Iram 2020

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