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Fahmi F. Farahat, aka Fam, aka Abo Salma,

A half-Saudi, half-German, producer who has been involved in elaborate productions all over the world including; Los Angeles, Dubai, Riyadh, London and Madrid. In the mid 90's, as a teenage entrepreneur, Farahat started a “not-so-legal” film distribution company, copying, packaging and branding bootleg and uncensored films on VHS and selling it out of the trunk.


Farahat began his film career in Los Angeles 2005, before graduating from California State University with a BA in Film. In 2007, he completed his 1st feature length film entitled Saudis in America, a documentary sold on Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster and some local stores. His roles have varied, with his first job as an Assistant to the Producer on AmericanEast (2008) starring Tony Shalhoub. He then wore multiple hats as Associate Producer, 1st AD and editor on Three Veils (2011), an award winning film about Muslim women dealing with sexuality. In Saudi Arabia, he produced and directed The Corporation (2011) a micro budget mockumentry with an edgy depiction of gender segregation and sexual harassment at the workplace. By 2012 Farahat had established his name as a local producer with multiple award winning docs and shorts. More recently, he served as Associate Producer on Bunuwirah (2020), the first Saudi horror film to hit local cinemas. On November 30th 2020, Farahat led a passionate team of local artists and actors and produced and directed Yajuj: Curse of Iram, a live interactive film streaming online for viewers from around the world to watch via seven different characters' perspectives. In 2021 He co-founded Dramaturgys, a Saudi company specialized in film and theater development and packaging. 

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