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The Wedding Dress (2015) Produced by Fahmi Farahat & Mohammad Salman

The Wedding Dress (2015) Prodcued by Fahmi Farahat & Mohamad Salman


A seamstress believes that sewing a wedding dress for herself would kill her.


Asmahan, a seamstress, prepares for her daughter’s wedding. Her community believes that a seamstress, who works on a wedding dress for a loved one, brings the curse of death. Will Asmahan follow tradition or will she cave in to her daughter’s wishes and ignore it?

Genre Surrealism; Drama


*Winner Best Director

Saudi Film Competition 2 - Riyadh 2017

*Winner Best Female Actor

Saudi Film Competition 2 - Riyadh 2017

*6 Nomination is Foreign Film Category

International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema - Berlin 2017

Best Original Screenplay; Best Short Film; Best Director;

Best Editing; Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress

Official Section:

Arabs Film Awards -  Cairo 2018

DC Independent Film Festival - USA 2017

Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA 2017

Malmö Arab Film Festival - Malmo, Sweden  2017

International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema - Berlin 2017
Saudi Film Festival - Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2017

Dubai International Film Festival - Dubai, UAE 2016

|  Drama  |  2015  |  22 mins  |  IMDB  |

TWD - Poster Low Res.jpg


Shaikha Zowaid

Sally Zack

Abdulmohsen Alnemer


 Producer by

 Fahmi Farahat

Mohammad Salman

Directed by

Mohammad Salman

Excative Producer

 Mohammed Sendi

Director of Photography

Chaker Ben Yahmed

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