Saudi in America

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Director/ Editor Fahmi Farahat

Producer Ahmad Zahra

Genre   Drama / U.S. Politics



Since that tragic day, Saudis living in America came under scrutiny as many Americans wondered about Saudis; who are they; what are they doing in the US; why do they hate us; do they support Osama Bin Laden; how do they feel about 9/11; and most importantly why do they oppress their women?

Saudi filmmaker Fahmi Farahat takes his camera and invites us into his own life in an attempt to answer these questions. He captures the views and attitudes of his family and friends, who are either living or visiting the US, through which he explores the many issues that surround Saudis in America.

The film is Producer by Ahmad Zahra and Executive Produced by Mohannad Malas. Other credits include Director of Photography John Taylor and Music Composer Vicente Avella who starts the opening sequence of the film with his own rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, a fusion of Arabic and Western style music. The film also features the song My Favorite Passages by Ani from her Album "One".




Honorary Mention

Gulf Film Festival - Dubai, UAE 2008

Official selection

Saudi Film Festival - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  2012

Monterrey International Film Festival - Monterrey, Mexico 2008