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Negative Loop (2015) Directed by Fahmi Farahat



A Saudi Scientist is caught between his work, his love, and a visitor from the future…himself.

In the year 2025, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Motaz invents a time traveling portal. His life is turned upside down when his future self, from the year 2050 visits him and his wife. Future Motaz motive are unclear. Wither he is here to help Motaz in his dilemma with the Minster of Transportation who is threatening to shut down the time traveling portal. Or is Future Motaz after his long lost wife.

Official selection:

Saudi Film Festival - Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2016

Through Saudi Eyes - mbc Channel 2015 - Episode Title: "Me & My wife + I"

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|  Sci-Fi  |  2015  |  36 mins  |  IMDB  |

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Directed & Edited by

Fahmi Farahat

Produced by

Fahmi Farahat

Riyadh Alsalhani

Mohammed Sendi

Writin by

Fahmi Farahat

Riyadh Alsalhani

Shahad Ameen

Supervising Prodcuer

Raja Sayer

Director of Photography

Mohammed Sendi

Production Designer

Hanna Saad


Neil Mackay

Music By

Hamad Masqati

Khalid Mahmood

Sound Design & Mixing

Khalid Mahmood

Production Manager / 1st AD

Abdullah Ahmad

2nd AD

Lorain Issa


Mohammed Alqess

Osama Alqess

Manar Alali

Riyadh Alsalhani

Abdullah Al-Saigh

Abdean Sendi

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