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A Night tp Remember (2012) Directed by Fahmi Farahat


Everyone remembers the moments of meeting the woman who becomes his life partner, and Abdulaziz Aqad and Brigadier General, Pilot, Omar Abu Al-Naga, they just remember meeting their wives for the first time on their wedding night.


A Night to Remember is a documentary produced by Al-Farouk Group and Directed by Fahmi Farahat represents a personal experience in marriage one of which last for sixty-one years. The movie shows the traditional Hejazi marriages in Makkah, and its neighborhoods, which include walking from the groom’s house with his family, friends, and Aljesis who sings praises to the family of the Groom and Bride.


The ceremony features Almezmar Dance on a night filled with moonlight and music in the old city of Makkah. 

Director/ Editor  Fahmi Farahat

Producer  Farouk Farahat



Nominated Best Documentary: Saudi Film Festival - Jeddah  2012

Winner 3rd Place Best Documentary: Abu Dhabi Film Festival - Abu Dhabi 2011


Official selection

Kazan International Film Festival - Kazan 2011

Gulf Film Festival - Dubai 2011

|  History & Culture  |  2012  |  30 mins  |  IMDB  |

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