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Hospitality Suite (2015) Directed by Fahmi Farahat


Three struggling artists attempt to impress a wealthy businessman to invest in their art. 

Based on the award-winning stage play written by Roger Rueff. The short film centers around conflicting notions of character, art, honesty, religion, culture, and love that simmer until they boil over as two experienced artists and a young calligrapher await an high profiled businessman whose visit to their modest hospitality suite could save their Saudi Art Academy from ruin.

Official selection:

Saudi Film Festival - Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2015

|  Comedy  |  2015  |  22 mins  |  IMDB  |

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Produced, Directed & Edited by

Fahmi Farahat

Writin by

Fahmi Farahat


Riyadh Alsalhani

Abdullah Ahmad

Ayad Al-Ottabi

Sobhi Pharaon

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