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The Corporation (Almoasasa)

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Producer / Directors  Fahmi Farahat

Executive Producer  Farouk Farahat

Writers  Abdullah Ashomer & Fahmi Farahat

Genre  Comedy / Mocumentary



The Corporation is a Saudi feature film about working in a newly co-ed office in the sexually segregated country of Saudi Arabia. The film is shot in reality TV style in which the camera and film crew are characters in the movie.



Due to economic difficulties, his Excellency, the owner of the corporation, decides to merge the female section with the male section into one office. Tensions flare when Hamad (MOHAMMED AZAHRANI) the manager of men’s section and Dr. Firyal (SHREEN BAWAZER) the director of women’s section fight for control the company. The romantic Indian tea boy, Ikbal (FAIZ CHOUDARY) and the playboy architect Fahad (TALAL ALSIDER) compete for the affection of the feminist, Abeer (ZIZI JOUHAR). 


The film features other interesting characters: the young conservative extremist from Jeddah, Raed; Traditionally covered, Sarah with her cartoonish voice; the serious Iraqi accountant, Safe; the idiotic government liaison, Abo Azah; and the ignored trainee. 



Official selection

Saudi Movie Festival - Ambassade de France à Riyad 2015

Gulf Film Festival - Dubai  2011