Rules of the Game


Best Short Film, Falcon Art Festival - 2019
Best Short Film, Rotterdam Arab Filmfestival  - 2019

Honor Certificate, Al Ain Film Festival - 2019

Nikon Award at Bahrain Short Film Festival - 2018

Official Section

Short Film Factory - 2019

Les Rimbaud du Cinéma - 2019

New Harvest Film Festival - 2019
Beyond Earth Film Festival - 2019

Gold Movie Awards - 2019
qFLIX Philadelphia
 - 2019

The Amazing Stoner Movie Festival - 2019

Minikino Film Week, Bali International Film Festival - 2019

Qumra International Film Festival 4, Basra, Iraq - 2019

Paradox of Fiction International Film Festival - 2019

RapidLion - South African International Film Festival - 2019

South Asia Short Film Festival, Ootty India - 2018

The Wedding Dress  

Winner Best Director

Saudi Film Competition 2 - Riyadh 2017

Winner Best Female Actor

Saudi Film Competition 2 - Riyadh 2017

6 Nomination is Foreign Film Category

International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema - Berlin 2017

Best Original Screenplay; Best Short Film; Best Director;

Best Editing; Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress

Official Section:

Arabs Film Awards -  Cario 2018

DC Independent Film Festival - USA 2017

Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA 2017

Malmö Arab Film Festival - Malmo, Sweden  2017

International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema - Berlin 2017
Saudi Film Festival - Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2017

Dubai International Film Festival - Dubai, UAE 2016

God's Little Gift 

Winner Best Short Film:

King Fahad Cultural Center Special Needs Festival, Riyadh 2017

Official Selection:

RapidLion - Johannesburg, South Africa 2017

Kazan Int'l Festival of Muslim Cinema - Kazan, Russia 2016

Lebanon Int' Short Film Festival - Nabatiyeh, Lebanon 2016

TMC London Film Festival - London, UK 2016

Los Angeles CineFest - Los Angeles CA 2016
Miami Independent Film Festival - Miami FL 2016
Alexandria Short Film Festival - Alexandria, Egypt 2016

Saudi Film Festival - Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2016

Voice Film Festival - Bahrain 2015

Negative Loop 

Official Selection:

Saudi Film Festival - Dammam 2016

Through Saudi Eyes - mbc Channel 2015

Hospitality Suite

Official Selection:

Saudi Film Festival - Dammam 2015

Three Veils

Outstanding Artistic Achievement 
Film Out San Diego - San Diego 2012

Winner of Best Film

ARPA Int'l Film Festival - Hollywood 2011

S.F Int'l Women's Film Festival - 2011

Honolulu LGBT Film Festival - Honolulu 2011
Portland Int'l Women's Film Festival - Portland 2011

Best LGBT Film

NYC International Film Festival - New York 2011

Fatin Drives me Crazy

Official selection:

Saudi Movie Festival - Ambassade de France à Riyad 2015

Malmö Arab Film Festival - Malmo, Sweden  2012

Lincoln Center Film Society - NY, NY 2012

Gulf Film Festival - Dubai  2012

Where R U?

Best Arab Short Film

Doha-Tribeca Film Festival, Doha, Qatar 2011

Official selection:

Saudi Movie Festival - Ambassade de France à Riyad 2015

Fusion Festival, Germany 2013

GCC Cinema Festival, Doha, Qatar 2012

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2011
Wahran International Film Festival, Wahran, Algeria 2011

The Corporation 

Official selection:

Saudi Movie Festival - Ambassade de France à Riyad 2015

Gulf Film Festival - Dubai  2011

Journey of Discovery

Best Documentary:

Riyadh Film Competition,

Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2016


A Night to Remember ليلة عمر

Nominated Best documentary

Saudi Film Festival, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2012


Winner 3rd Place Best Documentary

Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2011


Official selection

Kazan International Film Festival, Kazan, Russia 2011

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2011

One Man’s Tricycle

Official selection

Naqsh Short Film Festival, Bahrain 2012

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE  2012

Saudis in America

Honorary Mention

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2008

Official selection

Saudi Film Festival. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  2012

Monterrey International Film Festival, Monterrey, Mexico 2008

Pharmawhores: Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller

Merit Winners

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood - CA 2010

Lulu’s Curls


Moondance film festival, USA  2009

Official selection

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, USA 2009

Arab film festival, San Fancisco, CA 2009

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2009

San Diego international children's film festival, USA 2009

San Francisco Bay Area Int’l children's film festival, USA 2009

Ahmad’s Xmas Carol

Official selection

Gulf Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2009

Knight of Shorts Film Festival, Corona, CA 2009

A Father Taken

Audience Choice Award

Newport Beach Film Festival, CA, USA  2008


Official selection

Golden Minbar Film Festival - Kazan 2008

Dubai International Film Festival - Dubai 2007

Damascus International Film Festival - Syria 2007

Beyond the Fence

Winner of CSUF TV/Film Society Awards, 2006

Best Short Film

Best Cinematography

Best Male Actor

Official selection

Newport Beach Film Festival, CA 2007

Corona Invitational Film Festival, CA 2006

Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival, CA 2006

Allegory of the Cave

Best Experimental Film

Knight of Shorts Film Festival - California 2007


Official selection

Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival - California 2007


CSUF TV/Film Society Awards, California 2006

Nominated Best Short Film

Nominated Best Editing