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Yajuj: Cures of Iram

The Film
Passengers of a tour bus on their way to Saudi Arabia's newly discovered ancient city, Iram of the Pillars, are exposed to a mysterious virus that turns its victims into violent, flesh eating monsters. Now they must fight, not only to survive, but to contain the spread of the infection and prevent a prophesied apocalypse.

Genre: Found Footage / Thriller / Zombie Apocalypse

The Event

On Monday, 30th of November 2020, audiences worldwide will follow the story of multiple characters in an interactive live Saudi film. Yajuj: The Curse of Iram is a unique experience as the story is told from multiple perspectives live on instagram.  



Produced by  Fahmi Farahat; Jomana Alquraish; 

Directed by Fahmi Farahat; Malek Al-Qalaf (Theater) ; Emad Al-Qarni (Techcial)

Executive Producer: Omar Ahmad

Written by: Murad Alden


Yara Qatoort; Hussain Abbas; Faez Chudary


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