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Allegory of the Cave

Producer/ Director/ Editor Fahmi Farahat

Genre:  Avant Garde / Philosophy



Deep inside a cave a group of prisoners are chained to a wall since their childhood. Not only are their limbs immobilized by the chains but their heads are also chained so that their eyes are fixed on a wall and can only see the shadows that are projected in front of them. These shadows are what they believe is the truth. However, when one of the prisoners escapes the cave, a new truth is revealed.

Saudi Filmmaker Fahmi Farouk Farahat uses his unique style to create a visual interpretation of Plato's masterpiece and perhaps the best known of his work, Allegory of the Cave from the book, The Republic.

The DVD includes a documentary with Dr. Claiton Kardajan, Professor of Philosophy, that further explores the Allegory of the Cave and helps us understand the meaning and importance of this great work by Plato and how it relates to our modern day politics, religions and social structure.


Best Experimental Film

Knight of Shorts Film Festival - California 2007


Official selection

Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival - California 2007


CSUF TV/Film Society Awards - California 2006

Nominated Best Short Film

Nominated Best Editing

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